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Immigration Law Evaluations

Dr. Warner has worked as a psychological evaluator, expert witness, and national trainer on mental health assessment for immigration law settings for over 15 years. 

His services include:

  • Forensic Psychological Evaluations for VAWA, Extreme Hardship, U Visa, Political Asylum, Human Trafficking, and other Immigration Law cases.
  • N-648 Exemption Waivers. 
  • Expert Witness Testimony.
  • CEU Training on best practices for psychological assessment of immigrant, refugee, and asylum-seeking populations for mental health clinicians, physicians, and attorneys. 
  • Consultation for agencies and clincians on working with traumatized populations including those professionals suffering from secondary traumatic stress and "compassion fatigue."
  • Research opportunities into psychological assessment and evidence based clinical strategies in working with traumatized populations. 

Over the years Dr. Warner has developed an effective evaluation process that includes using objective assessment tools psychometrically normed on global and immigrant populations, clinical writing that explains client accounts from an attachment-based, mental health, and trauma perspective; and social justice advocacy.  Our clients are often granted residency due to the thoroughness of our evaluations, our expertise, and our understanding of the unique psychological assessment needs of immigrant populations. 

Potential Areas of Clinical Evaluation include: 

1.  Mental health diagnosis of psychological injury due to persecution, torture, trauma, domestic violence, abusive family of origin,          and forced migration from country of origin.

2.  Assessment of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse and neglect in childhood.

3.  Assessment of credibility of client's account and potential for malingering.

4.  Assessment of persecution of LGBT individuals in their country of origin. 

5.  Assessment of danger to community due to arrest or criminal conviction.

6.  Asssesment of substance abuse, addiction, and corresponding level of care recommended.

7.  Assessment of overall mental health functioning and corresponsing level of care recommended for client.

8.  Assessment of social support systems in country of origin and poetential for harm in country of origin.

9.  Assessment of ongoing psychosocial dynamics for the individual and family that are barriers to growth and devleopment. 

10.  Cognitive assessment of memory and learning problems due to dementia, TBI, and stroke related diagnoses. 

11.  Medical assessment of evidence of harm in collboration with a medical doctor (MD) trained in forensic medical assessment           of refugees and immigrants including physical evidence of abuse and torure, genital mutilation, traumatic brain injury, dementia, vascular, and stroke-related events. 


Psychological Evaluations:

We charge a flat fee of $1000 USD for most evaluations payable by check, cash, and credit card. Some rates may be higher due to complexity of assessment and testing needed.

The fee includes meeting with client, testing materials, writing of evaluation, consultation with attorneys, and providing signed and notarized evaluations for clients.

Evaluations usually take three 90-minute meetings with clients with the first two meetings being clinical diagnostic interviews and the last meeting focused on objective testing. Clients may require additional meetings due to client presentation or the complexity of the case. We provide Spanish-speaking medical interpretors for our clients, which is also included in the evaluation fee. Clients with other languages of origin may require additional fees for hiring a credentialed interpreter. 

N-648 Evaluations

We charge a flat fee of $400 payable by check, cash, or credit card. The fee includes review of medical records, some limited psycholgical and cognitive testing, medical examination by an MD, consultation with attorneys, signed copies of N-648's by a medical doctor trained in evaluation of immigrant populations and disability evaluation. 

Expert Witness Testimony:

Both medical and psychogical expert witness testimony is availlable for clients. Mental health testimony includes travel time at the rate of $150 per hour. Medical expert witness testimony includes travel time at the rate of $300 per hour. Telephonic testimony is also avaliable, 

Remote Telemedicine Evaluations:  Some evaluation and testing may be done online using HIPPA compliant technology.  Please contact us for more information. 

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